Almost at the Speed of Thought

by Charles Jo 3/5/15

About 8 months ago, I had coffee with a self-made man in Silicon Valley. He talked about his rough childhood and the things he saw growing up in the toughest area in Los Angeles. He asked me what I wanted to do and I did a brain dump on all the ideas I had been thinking about and then he laughed and rolled his eye (I think) and asked point blank, ”What the F are you waiting for? Start it now!” Cliché from podcasts but great hearing from someone who was sitting right in front of me. But that was just the beginning. I asked my better half about wanting to start a blog to track my notes for startups, she had it done in about 1.5 hours. I was expecting 2 weeks. I hadn’t kept up with progress in basic tech. So how far until we can execute at the speed of thought?

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