Introducing Ozlo

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Ozlo, a faster and better way to find information from your phone. Ozlo is a personal AI (Artificial Intelligence). While he’s still very young, with your help, he will soon grow to become the digital companion people turn to everyday for help. Ozlo is available today on iOS for the first 10,000 people who sign up at

Say hello to Ozlo!

Greetings, human!

We call Ozlo a personal artificial intelligence because he’s an AI system that works for you. You can ask him questions, tell him when he’s right or wrong, and even teach him about your preferences. As you interact with Ozlo, he becomes more sophisticated in his reasoning about you, the world, and his ability to help you.

Behind the scenes, Ozlo constantly reads through information provided by partner apps and websites to learn useful facts about the world. He can reference all of this information directly when trying to answer your questions, which leads to faster and more accurate answers.

Ozlo is easy to use. Text your question to Ozlo and have a conversation with him. He’ll provide answers in neatly presented cards with deep links to the apps and websites that provided the information.

Today, Ozlo knows about places to eat and drink — things we all do daily. Ozlo will soon be learning lots of other things about the world, like what to do once you’re fed. Let’s see some examples of Ozlo in action!

Instant Retrieval

Let’s say your friends want to take you to Serpentine (a popular restaurant in San Francisco) and you’re wondering what’s on the menu. Ozlo makes it easy to find out. Just ask him:

Jog Your Memory

Sometimes you know just the place you’re looking for, but can’t remember the name. This happens to me all the time! Since Ozlo understands geography, places, cuisines, and more, he will often know the place you mean when you describe it to him:

Find That Dish You Crave

Of course, you’d want to use Ozlo when you’re craving something specific. Since he has read the reviews already, he can tell you the best spots and credits his sources! Just ask him:

Have a Conversation

Because Ozlo is an AI, he can reason across different data sources to answer multi-part questions. Start with one question and then ask him more. You don’t have to open another app or conduct an additional search:

Like most AI systems, Ozlo evolves and gets smarter over time. He learns by reading information from apps and websites and then having conversations with users about it. Thus far, Ozlo has learned over 250M facts from the information we provided him and has had a few thousand conversations.

Ozlo is ready to consume a lot more information, but he needs to have conversations with thousands more people to help him make sense of it. That’s where you come in.

We are looking for 10,000 people to signup to use Ozlo. All you have to do is ask Ozlo whenever you have a question about great places to eat or drink, and then tell him how he does. Over time, he will expand into other topic areas as well.

While his capabilities today are narrow in focus, Ozlo’s potential is broad. Your interactions with Ozlo will help him develop into a digital companion you turn to multiple times a day to help you make decisions, both big and small, and to do things for you on your behalf.

In the future, he will also be made available in many more channels and will be able to accept information directly from any developer, expanding his knowledge to many new areas.

We’d love your help. Just visit our website at to claim your invite. We’ll be letting people into Ozlo on a first come, first-served basis. You can also follow us @TeamOzlo, like us on Facebook, or subscribe here on Medium for regular updates on Ozlo.

My co-founder Mike and I would like to thank everyone who helped us get to this point. When we started building him 2.5 years ago, we weren’t sure if Ozlo was even possible. Now he exists because of the hard work of our team in Palo Alto and Seattle, our investors at Greylock and AME Cloud Ventures, and the few hundred users who have been holding regular conversations with him. Building a consumer tech company like this one is rare these days and we’re excited to be part of one.

We are just beginning on a very long journey. But the potential impact of giving everyone their own personal AI makes it worth the effort. We’re really excited to invite you to come along with us.

Claim your spot at Follow us at @TeamOzlo on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or subscribe on Medium for regular updates.