Ozlo Week 1

A week ago today, we announced Ozlo — the personal AI that makes finding information from your phone faster and easier. This was Ozlo’s first time out into the world on his own, and I’m happy to report he really exceeded our expectations.

First, let’s talk about the data. We only let a small group of people in this week while we tested his underlying systems. Even with this small group, Ozlo had great engagement. At this rate, Ozlo will have the critical mass of data that he needs in a matter of weeks.

As Ozlo learns — both from people chatting with him and our team feeding him data about new areas — he’ll become useful across more domains and able to learn increasingly quickly.

The feedback from users has also been great. People have used words like useful, approachable, and beautiful to describe Ozlo. Not the sort of thing you hear often about bots or AIs. Quite a few people shared how they are using Ozlo as well. Here is one of my favorites:

Thanks to your interactions, Ozlo is already starting to get better. One of the cooler skills he gained this week is the ability to talk about things within a radius of your location. Like this:

Ask Ozlo for places within 3 blocks or a 15 minute drive

We are really excited to see the pace of Ozlo’s development take off. We consider all of you part of @TeamOzlo, responsible for helping him to achieve his potential. To that end, I wanted to give a shout out to a few of our users who contributed the most to Ozlo this week. @lauriedermer, @skalwis, @ramileo, @jmow, and @badboyboyce each gave Ozlo the most feedback while using him. Thank you!

We’ll start adding more users regularly now that we’re up and running. If you haven’t signed up yet, go to ozlo.com to add yourself to the waiting list. If you are already on the list and waiting for an invite, check your inbox or text messages — we just activated quite a few of you.

When you catch Ozlo doing something great, take a screenshot and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #ThanksOzlo. We might feature you in a future update!

Follow us on Twitter @TeamOzlo, like us on Facebook, or follow us here on Medium. Get on the waiting list to meet Ozlo yourself at ozlo.com. Space is limited!