Who’ll Stop The Reign…

…of terror, of idiocy, of stupidity? I quit watching TV shortly after September 11th, 2001. Not right after, but in the weeks following what has come to be ubiquitously known as 9/11 it was clear to me that the country would become obsessed with a deaf, dumb and blind nationalistic fervor that scared me to think about. I had a young family and a responsibility to look out for them. I thought the best thing I could do was to simply avoid the painful idiocy happening in the media and trust that our nation’s leaders had our best interests in mind and had the capability and temperament to manage things without my help. I was wrong.

As the 24-hour news-cycle whipped up support for revenge, I couldn’t escape the fear that was building in me. It all began early that morning when I was flipping through channels in the front lobby of a repair shop waiting to get my truck back. I came across a burning building and reporters getting eyewitness accounts over the phone. The first question that came to my mind when I saw the second plane hit was “what have we done to deserve this?” It was a question I would only repeat very quietly and very carefully in certain safe places over the next 15 years and it is one that most Americans can barely comprehend all these years later, much less answer.

I have since spent countless hours slowly uncovering answers to that seemingly simple question. It is a tale so complex that very few Americans will ever even attempt to grasp it. That brings us to today and the choices I need to make going forward. After 9/11, I literally turned off mass media and began to curate my own news before the term “curate” would become commonplace in media and marketing. I was one of the first of my friends to “cut the cable.” Now I am facing a similar moment in deciding whether to get off Facebook. Engaging there seems pointless but also the only way to connect and maybe, MAYBE! make a difference. I have also grown to really love fine whiskey during the past 15 years.

More on this all later. If I feel like it.