Episode 1: Awake to the Matrix

Propaganda rules our society, citizens are herded into easily managed behavioral rhythms. Government-media collusion, monetary incentives and a plethora of punishment measures manage said behavioral rhythms. All means of sustaining life are now carefully engineered by perception of societal norms for the purpose of farming labor and ingenuity to serve an un-elected deep state bureaucracy, a bureaucracy ruled by an unknown elite. In a choreographed show of appeasement the common man is permitted a limited sum of public influence through the electoral process. Decisions of monetary and military importance, however, remain with the ruling elite and effectively create a cryptographic oligarchy or “cryptocracy”. Wars of conquest are no longer fought with guns and bombs but are now carried out with armies of lawyers and politicians. Battles of litigation are fought to economically disable opponents and secure monopolistic governance for ruling corporate powers. Wars of distraction, shows of national sovereignty, and orchestrated elections are among the many tools used to hide the truth about the structure of our global society from the subservient and largely unconscious masses. This is the society the awakened individual now finds himself forced to navigate.

Acceptance does not mean defeat. The awakened individual aware of his matrix like environment may still be quite capable of self actualization and effectively maneuvering within the many different layers of propaganda and governance created for the purposes of psychocivilization. My hope as the author of this blog is to share my waking experience with other like minded individuals and further facilitate heightened states of consciousness and personal experience in those who choose to see the world as it is and find their own path through its waters. I believe that one who dives deeply into the subconscious of the public mind may find that the accustomed standards of care and comfort may or may not be the cave and the shadows which have entertained the shackled for so long and kept them from the light.

Society is organized into three sectors of governance directly corresponding to the three evolutionary levels of the human brain. The Democratic-Republic level of governance is the most recognizable and can easily be associated with the human plane of self-aware conscious governance. The corporotocracy level can be equivocated to the mammalian brain as it serves to sustain the public body in the modern quality of life to which it is accustomed. The cryptocracy like the deepest parts of the human psyche remains unknown to the public and serves logical functions beyond the awareness of the public consciousness, this is the fundamental level of social governance tasked with maintaining vital functions for modern society as well as its own primary needs, this part of the public mind can be associated with the reptilian brain.

Like the human mind or the human body, the public mind and social body can be become deathly ill, self-sabotaging, mentally ill, out of shape etc. However, unlike the individual the public body and its mind lives in perpetuity, taking time to regenerate through the life and death of individuals as well as the expansion and contraction of economic activities and institutions. As individuals we are simply members of this global entity and it is in our best interest that the entity remain healthy and long living.

Unfortunately not everyone gets to be a brain cell, nor does everyone get to govern the beating of the public’s heart. Whether you are an abused child, a chattel slave in Africa, or a figurehead in Europe your life serves a meaningful purpose in the growth and development of the humanity. Bones are strengthened through trauma, the mind is a slave to the body, and blood runs blue through the veins during its return to the heart. Hurt and tragedy serve a sad purpose but a necessary one so that in time we may know joy. Pursue Joy.