Charting app - Chartistic

Good day!

We at Zoho have released a new app, ​Chartistic​ .

Chartistic is an iPhone app aimed at bringing charting and fun (previously two unrelated words) together, and to make charting a whole lot easier.

Chartistic provides a range of interactive and intuitive charts — bar, line, area, and pie — simple to create, and fun to work on. Now, you don’t have to type in data to create charts. Just interact easily with your charts and watch them transform beneath your fingertips (literally!).

Raise the bar of your charts!

Connect the dots and see where they lead!

Try the pie! It’s really good!

You can also create clipart-powered data-visualizers that focus on driving your point home. Choose from thousands of images and create the perfect clipart, easily customized to suit your data.

After you’re done, export your charts and data-cliparts easily, and share them with anyone anywhere.

Chartistic has also been featured in the New Apps We Love section on the US App Store.

Try out Chartistic on the ​App Store​ .

And, should you face any problem, just shake (your phone :P) to share your feedback, or to report bugs.