Xiaomi 2017 Product Launch January Event— A Summary

Xiaomi held its product launch event at New Delhi, on the 19th of January, 2017. Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi, hosted the event.

The event was solely focused on the launch of the new Redmi Note 4.

After 20 minutes of continuously looped MiMax-Mi5 videos, Hugo takes the stage.

He kicks off the event by introducing the Mi Explorers, a group of people who got their hands on the new Note, and helped to improve the product.
Almost throughout the event, the Note 4 is compared to the Note 3, on how it has improved on various aspects. So, Hugo talks a bit about the Note 3.

(From here onwards, we’ll refer to the Note 3 and the Note 4 as N3 and N4 respectively.)

Here’s what he had to say about N3.

- Best selling Mi phone to date
- Phone Of The Year 2016 by 91mobiles
- Highest shipped smartphone in India’s online smartphone history
- 3.6 Million N3s sold in 2016

N3, sloganned Rise to Power, is now succeeded by N4, sloganned Power has a new look.

Redmi Note 4 Specs


- Full-metal body
- 8.45mm thin, tapering to to 5mm at the edges
- 2.5D Curved glass in the front
- The speaker grills, which used to be on the back of N3, have now moved down, just like the iPhone.
- much more symmetrical, compared to N3
- colors are gold with white face, dark grey with black face, and a new matte-black version

Take a look at the phone’s design at http://www.mi.com/in/note4/design/.

Hugo brings N4 on stage, and I am not exaggerating even a little bit here, but the guy stood there for a solid 2 minutes to let everyone photograph the new phone. It was kind of sad tbh. That is something I will never imagine Tim Cook doing (yet!).


Jai Mani takes the stage to talk about N4’s performance.

Battery Life

N3 was supposedly called the King of Battery, with everyone praising its 4050 mAh battery. Well, N4 comes with an even bigger 4100 mAh battery. Though that’s just a teensie-weensie upgrade, N4 offers 25% more battery life, compared to the N3's.

A few videos that try to show how N4’s battery life is much better the iPhone 7’s and the Google Pixel’s are shown.


N4 has a Snapdragon 625, a 2.0GHz octa-core processor.

Thermal Performance

It was quite funny when a company quite known for its overheating devices praises the thermal performance of its new device.

Jai compares thermal performance of N3 and N4, showing that it takes 30 minutes of intense gaming to warm N3 up, while N4 remains cool.

Hugo is back to shed more light on N4.


N4’s rear camera comes with a 13MP BSI CMOS sensor, with 25% larger pixel area, compared to N3’s 16MP camera.
And for all the selfie maniacs out there, there’s a 5MP front camera, alongside which you can use Beautify, a feature which in Hugo’s own words “give you a lot more control over your beautification”.

Check out the camera here : http://www.mi.com/in/note4/camera/


- Full HD resolution
- Fully laminated
- Comes with Reading mode, which helps to reduce eye strain
- Automatic color adjustment to suit the surroundings

Other hardware

- Fingerprint sensor on the back, which doubles as a selfie shutter
- Infrared remote, to control TVs, set-top boxes, ACs, speakers, and so on
- LTE band support
- VoLTE support, for high-def calls and faster call connections
- Dual sim, including one which doubles as an SD card slot supporting upto 128 gigs of storage
- ‘Made in India’ just like a couple of other Redmi phones

Here are all the specs in one place : http://www.mi.com/in/note4/specs/

Release and Price

N4 is coming to India before any other market in the world, including China.

There will also be Mi Home Popups where you can experience N4 in person.

My take on the event

Having missed a couple of great Mi events, including that of the drone, I was quite excited.

N4 is truly a great product, especially for such a low price. A device from Mi that stays cool is the first of its kind. So, I hope N4 lives up to its name.

The 20-minute delay, which was filled with looping videos, was quite a turnoff.
Xiaomi did a bit of damage to itself by criticizing N3’s symmetry, while trying to highlight the N4's.
The audience wasn’t very pleased at what N4 offers, and all the applauses seemed like forced pity applauses.

Although I despise Apple, primarily because of its now-boring events and backward innovations, Xiaomi’s event made me like Apple’s a bit more.

You can check out N4 on Mi’s site : http://www.mi.com/in/note4/. You can also see the whole event here.

That’s it from me, on Xiaomi’s January 2017 Product Launch Event.

Did you watch the event? What did you (not) like? Let me know in the comments below!

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