Hashed leads private token pre-sale in XCHNG

Transforming supply chains via Blockchain technology is an incredible opportunity that, as you can imagine, takes tremendous time to develop and implement.

We are in one of those tectonic shifts in computing and there is great opportunity for those that see the shift happening. It’s been validating to see all the interest and support our pre-sale announcement has generated. XCHNG supporters have done their part, and we’re doing ours by certifying that we’re following the rules and guidelines and driving to be one of the projects that is above board and capable of large scale adoption in our industry.

To that point, I’m proud to announce participation from a leading South Korean blockchain investments fund, Hashed, in XCHNG.

As one of South Korea’s first crypto assets funds, Hashed focuses its participation in high-performance blockchain protocols that transform industries. Hashed’s participation in XCHNG helps further establish the project’s footprint in the South Korean market and validates our approach by a well respected bellwether fund in the space.

I am emboldened by Hashed’s commitment to us. They have some of the largest holdings in major blockchain projects like EOS, OmiseGO, Ethereum, and Kyber Network. They focus on projects with long-term value and have the foresight to see projects that separate from the noise of the crypto space. I look forward to their insight and expertise.

Hashed’s team members come from a variety of backgrounds from serial entrepreneurs to engineers and investment professionals. Many have worked in ad tech and are familiar with the nuances in the space.

Because of overwhelming interest in our pre-sale by strategic funds, we have decided to postpone the start of our public sale until we determine what opportunities will still be available for public participation. Therefore, we are removing the countdown from the web site and will update the community when a new date is set.

We appreciate the continued interest in XCHNG and will update the community as soon as we are in a better position to speak openly about additional pre-sale strategic partners. For more information, please tweet @onxchng or join our telegram (https://t.me/xchng).

Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in games, marketing, and advertising industry. CEO/Founder at Kochava & XCHNG.

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