What is it about reading that’s so special? How is it different than other sources of entertainment? What benefit does it have for us?

Well, let’s start with what reading does for us in the physical sense. And it’s more powerful than you think. Reading a novel can trigger lasting changes in the brain. Your brain is a “wet computer” for lack of a better word. It exhibits what scientists call, “neuroplasticity”. This means your wet computer is malleable. It can change. It can adapt.

So, how does reading fit in? Well, the specifics of the science in what a story does to your brain is still heavily debated and mostly unknown. But if you were to ask me what my opinion is, as an avid reader and author, I’d tell you that reading a story makes the reader a part of it. Unlike television, reading makes you work. Do you know why? Because as an author, I can only provide you with so many details. There are infinite variables in trying to describe anything. From a hydrogen atom, to a complex story with multiple characters. So, a book coaxes the reader’s brain to fill the in gaps. Which in reality, is most of the book! …

A coincidence so powerful.

This happened in Nov of 2019. Black and White had already been out since Nov of 2018. Right around a year. But it was on my mind quite a bit because I had decided to enter some book contests. I wanted to finally overcome my fear and test my worth out there. I wanted to be judged. I wanted to sink or swim.

But before I could enter the contests, I had to figure out which book. …

Answers and coincidences.

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Black and White was my 3rd book. It was published on November 29, 2018. It recently placed as a finalist in the International Book Awards Contest for 2020 in the fiction genre.

Black and White still remains one of my favorite books so far. And I’ll tell you why.

It asks and talks about very deep questions. Like when are we going to die? Is there such thing as fate and destiny? If so, what about free will? I want to talk about one of the lines in there specifically.

“While Monica sat in disbelief, she had little to say. All the little signs and hidden messages scattered throughout her life started to have meaning. The button, the funny feeling about me, and now the Winston connection. Instead of asking questions, she let me continue the story. Maybe she realized an answer found is better than an answer told.” …


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