All nonsense of course.
Jeremy L

I wonder what motivates you to ‘dissect’ this video as an apologist for the cops? As a white guy probably never on the receiving end that this man has probably endured many times over on the streets you are looking on as a bystander with a very certain bias. ‘The Law’ is not equally applied and this man received no benefit of the doubt being ‘forceably restrained’ on the ground for 30 minutes. It is questionable if he ever posed a danger to anyone until the cops arrived. Their use of force was obviously ‘restrained’ when compared to many instances of encounters with mentally challenged people who are quickly shot dead — many videos available for you to study. Once the man is handcuffed it doesn’t take three strong men to restrain a man with a prostetic leg on crutches. But you are right, Jeremy, compared to commonly observed and reported practices of cops just the fact they didn’t beat him up or worse shows considerable ‘restraint’ by these cops who were in public and being filmed. You have studied the law and perhaps police training from the sounds of your defense of these cops. Easy case for you perhaps that’s why you took so much time to support the cops. I wonder if you ever took or will take the time to study the many troubling cases of police brutality that go unpunished that many thousands of people experience and witness every year. Perhaps then you’ll be able to understand why many of us see this mild example for what it is — brutal. Get a clue — I watched the video only from a more measured perspective than you.

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