Time is an illusion

I’ll keep this short because you’ve already lost enough time as it is.

You will either read this by design ; you decided to follow me, by accident ; it was shared on your timeline or you’re just nosy and found this piece on the larger internet of things.

Today is Wednesday. The worst day of the week for me. I’ll tell you why in the future provided that you understand that the future may just be a day way.

Where are you now, where were you at 6 am, where were you last year, where were you 3 years ago?

Many moons have passed, but we’re still on the 25th day of January, the FIRST month of our election year. However, you feel everything is going slow, well it only makes sense, the economy is yet to pick up, your advance is still waiting to be processed, the sun is completely against you , there’s no water in your taps, your car is about to run on empty (and so might you) and your electricity is about to be rationed; if it isn’t already.

It gets worse. You turn on your radio and they constantly tell you to invest, but you won’t, you cant. There’s no money. All your media platforms will show you how January is hard. You’ll buy two items and get one free, the catch here being that you must buy something to begin with. You must pay to participate. So you get angry and dim your outlook on everything and the universe equally responds, continuously dimming until either you survive or close your eyes and hide from the blinding light.

All these activities happen simultaneously, and you had been fore-warned but you didn’t listen or you just didn’t plan well enough.

But there is hope. All this will continue until payday or until your loan limit goes up or until you dispose one of your assets at a throw away price.Shortly after, believe it or not there’ll be an affordable Friday night out or an alternatively free one where you will go to spend the money that you will have earned, borrowed or have handed down to you.

That is why you talk to time(January), you give it a personality and you compare it to so many other things. You continue to hope that it’ll listen until the day you realize that it won’t. It is on this day that you will realize you have to take control of your time and if you can’t, you will have to borrow more time and pay for it of course at a rate regularly adjusted for inflation and tax.

Lastly, there are only the four seasons, there is only this year, there is only this month, there is only today, there is only now but you must plan for the next.

Oh, and you have a date for valentine’s, it’s the 14th of February. If, however you do not have some romanticized plan to spend time with someone on that day don’t join a pity party of people who did not make Valentines day plans.

Until next time :)