Here Comes Day 4!

It has been a busy week, probably one of the busiest in my life. Yeah, tons of research and exercises have been the central part of my week. It was incredible as I discovered how I was a great problem solver. Dijkstra of the week!. A week composed of many algorithmic and coding exercises.

Day 4 caps the week 1 boot camp session. I wake up a bit exhausted so as to prepare for the day. It is cold, and I make a cup of coffee to take it with me to my work desk. I get myself busy to hit the finish line on a high mark.
Today we are lucky to have two programming exercises. One of them involves making a program that can perform a binary search when given a certain list of numbers. The other task involves writing code that can compare two lists and give out the non-matching elements in a list.

The mention of binary search reminds me that I should revisit my algorithms lessons. I do a quick walk over of binary search algorithm, and then I start punching my keys to produce the desired code. Its an hour and still am getting errors with my code! I decide that the next exercise could be kinder to me. I head to the second quiz, and this one does not fail me. After a quick research and few lines of code, the program is now up and running.

Am happy have completed my tasks, but I have to revisit the binary code, we brainstorm with a team of colleagues and soon our code works. The tricky part is now done!

I spend the rest of the evening designing a web page which is part of our day 4 exercises. I give it my best because art inspires me.Within 3 hours, I am done with the web page. I get a glass of juice and get back to my chair to produce this blog.

Day 4 is done!, the first part of the boot camp is now over, quite challenging but with many lessons to learn. The whole week 1 has taught me to apply the Andela values, for you have to keep an eye over this so as to become world class. Week 2 of the boot camp begins next week, and I am eager to commence my week 2.