Our Country is going through political and social unrest. There are politicians on the right and on the left, who fan these flames for their own selfish reasons, all the while they portray

themselves as Patriots who love

their Country. You would be incorrect if you did not think it could go from bad to worse, it can and it has simply because of the man that has been left standing after the Republican

primary. That man by the way is Donald Trump. Donald Trump has walked into this fray as the man of the hour, a man who presides over a crowd of fourteen million malcontents. A man who has broken with the Party and has turned Washington upside down. I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am amazed at his ability to charm the masses by stroking the correct racial chord, as well as the chord of Nationalism. Trump is a businessman who offers a lot but delivers nothing. Our Country is at a crossroads and as Americans we are left with few options, we can advance forward or return to the dark past of yesterday. I am hopeful that brave men and women will step forward, and reject the rise of “Trumpism.”