New profile, new era

More thought than you might think

First, let's make it clear. I’m aware that my banner looks like it was taken with my phone. I get that, Alot. I don’t care. The photography isn’t what matters. It does concern me that nerds like you who notice my use of manual control may turn away on a dime. But for the rest of you, I want the focus to be what’s in the picture.

Even though I decided to use an ISO that makes the low-key lit background look like I used an actual potato to capture this, it’s what’s happening in the picture that counts. Look at it. A huge bomb of creativity just launched me flying backward. And me? I’m not concerned.

I used an actual potato to take this

For my new profile picture, I was going to need to take a different approach. Your avatar isn’t supposed to tell every aspect of your personality. Just a summary of who you are. But you also want it to stand out. When you’re scrolling through your following list on instagram, stop when you come to bright blue. There, you’ll see me holding my camera.

After all, not that much can be portrayed in 4MP

Because of this, I focused more on the composition and manual control. The picture is going to be pretty small, so I need to make every pixel count. The first step was to separate the background from the, well, me.

That background isn’t lit, making my face and camera pop

Unlike in the banner where I have plenty of real estate for visitors to notice things like the product boxes that give a big glimpse into who I am. My profile pic serves a more pragmatic purpose. Identifying who I am.

“This is me and I’m serious about filmmaking.“

In the end, I decided to do it how I did because: why not. This is what represents me. This is the internet me. I choose how I want to be. Why should my presence abide by others. This is the PretzelMonster kid.

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