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It is interesting that from the founding to the nation until the late 1800’s everyone who voted voted on the same day did it as a public ballot. After that, with some exceptions, everyone voted on the same day and mostly with what is called an Australian ballot (printed at government expense and marked in secret). Then in 2008 because of the controversies of the Bush/Gore elections the political class went to multiple day voting in a effort to reduce waiting lines and to increase voting. The process has failed at both. It has also changed the dynamic of the election process as now people who die after casting their vote but before the election day. I do not think that early voting or even voting by mail is bad but the rules have not been set and should not be set by the courts but rather by the legislatures of the state. Voting, I believe should be done close to the elections as possible, say opening the Thursday before the 2d Tuesday of November. And any vote by mail being checked for deaths prior to opening. Service Member should be allowed to vote by Email with very stringent safe guards like using the NSA approved Encryption systems.