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I won’t comment on why there aren’t as many women in tech — there are a million studies and articles you can search for online with plenty of evidence to support the reasoning…

I will, however, address your statements about “interfaces becoming harder to use”. I’ve been using computers since I was a kid — I got my first PC when I was about 9 or 10 years old and there has never been a less true statement than yours.

Before Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, Android etc you had to do everything on a computer using a COMMAND LINE.

That’s just you, a screen and some text.

Please enlighten me as to how installing an app from the Apple store and tapping an icon to start it up is “harder to use” than editing a config.sys file with a DOS based text editor so that you can load all your drivers into high-memory so that you had more RAM free for applications?

Interfaces have come a long way, and are getting more simple and intuitive every day — so what are you on about?

I feel insulted that you think that unintuitive systems are birthed from the lack of understanding males have about how a human interface should look.

Also, what are these new “workplaces/spaces” that you speak of that women would prefer to work in? Can you please explain what would be the difference between a programming role which attracted a woman vs one that attracted a man?

I don’t remember my workplace offering me beer for starting a job there… what would a woman want in addition to the prospect of a job/career?

It sounds to me like you are living in a fairy-tale, you are forming opinions on things you know nothing about.

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