Dear Tech, You Suck at Delight
Sara Wachter-Boettcher

It’s articles like this that really piss me off…

Are you really airing your concerns about the lack of crisis handling in Siri or are you just trying to incite a response to your sensationalist nonsense?

I can’t believe someone who can write such a cohesive article could possibly be stupid enough to think that Siri is mocking them when they enter a query about rape, so it can only be the former…

Or am I being too generous in my assessment of your intellect/character?

Are you actually too narrow minded to realise that Siri’s replies are stock responses to the phrase “I don’t know what to do”?

Are you dense enough to think that Apple decided poking fun at drug addicts, potential suicidees and rape victims was to become just another “feature” of their latest smartphone?

You’ve just insulted my intelligence.

What’s worse is that you refuse to retract your statement after Apple add the missing features…citing, once again, that they are making fun of rape victims.

I know what’s worse than Apple forgetting to include crisis handling on their smartphone:

It’s you using rape as a platform for popularity.

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