Three black journalists talk about the L.A. Riots, 24 years later
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One of the “black journalists” was 1 and the other was born “a few months after the beating?” Really? Stopped reading on realizing this reflection was based on what these kids read in books or the Internet.

A delegation of Latino leaders from El Paso visited Los Angeles 6 months after the riots. We toured several critical sites, including Father Boyle’s Homeboy Industries, and city departments to find out what was being done to prevent future “civil unrest.”

Oh sure, Father Boyle’s opeation exploded from a 5,000 square foot facility back then, to about 10 times that size. But just where in LA has that program been replicated?

I stand by a prediction made on the return flight from that trip: LA is always going to be one ‘inciting incident” away from future rioting. Why? We could see then, like now, that nothing has really changed insofar the infamous LAPD, and a clueless city and county government that didn’t/doesn’t understand that only massive out of the box programs will keep LA from always being a fuse equipped gunpowder keg, waiting the right incident to light that fuse.

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