What my tech stack looks Like-a quick guide to what language and tools I use.

Here in this post I would to share my tech stack which is basically what I’ve Been up to with since I started developing websites and Web apps.

I’m not an expert at these languages though but it shows you what I’m learning now and what I would love to learn and this I’m looking at for the future.

This is something I wished someone would have told me when I begun programming.

Devs who are looking to have a learning curve ⤵.You know self education is about building your own curriculum and goals. So it can be hard sometimes if you are not up to date with tech news.
And mostly we want to know what other devs are up to so we can know whether we are catching up or we behind.

So I have like to share my learning curve and path right now So others too can take some few things out. For motivation sake.

So right now I'm doing 
```Vue.Js``` *my job depends on it.*

```React js``` *it's my fav frontend lib* .

```Redux``` *for state management in react*

```Laravel``` *for restful api*

```Php``` *just using it to teach some folks basic programming I don't use it in any way* .

```Express.js``` *for server side.. I know just a quarter of the entire framework.*

```Node``` *nice to know. All I know using it for accessing files 📂 thts all.. I know nothing.*

```React-native``` *the boss. For mobile development. Its so fantastic.*

```Python``` *just the basics. Yet to learn*

```Graphql``` *yet to learn. For building restful api in a much better way. U should see it.*

```Wordpress``` *for CMS and blogs* .

```AI Bots``` *for automated response and assistance.*

```Machine learning APIs``` *yet to look into. Used just one for a freestyle project. And it's great. You shoukd see more of it.*

```Mysql``` *e be normal. We all use it. U can get it depth with relationships* .

```PostgreSql``` *similar to sql. Used it once in a project 📽*

```Mongo dB``` *yet to learn. Just read the documentation* .

```Gatsby``` *for static react apps* .

So this is it... Guys... You can pin point your learning curve ⤵ too. Would like to. Know wht my other devs are up to.

You can edit share yours if you want. And post to your medium or devto blog.
Have a nice day and never stop learning as long as the internet lives.