Introducing Plynk. The Money Messenger.

2 years ago I had a simple idea. To build a platform where anyone could send money to their friends, instantly, for free. Now we’re almost ready to unveil what 2 years of tireless work has produced. Say hello to Plynk.

Plynk is a messenger platform that gives you all the power of a bank account with none of the hassle. Your money can now sit secure in your Plynk account ready to be sent, spent or lent. We’re going to take the hassle out of splitting a bill, eliminate the annoyance of paying for the whole taxi and the get rid of the embarrassment not having any cash to give back to your friends.

Plynk does this by sitting on top of the current banking network. When you sign up we create a real account for you, issue you with a real digital Mastercard and give you some real cash to get you going. Once you’re set up it’s easy to start chats with friends and send money instantly.

Now you’re asking, so why do I need another place to put my money? Well you don’t. Plynk isn’t just another bank account. Plynk is the place to make your social payments and share moments with friends. Just load some money in your account, invite some friends and get messaging.

The future of money is here. Be part of the fun.

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