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Achmad Alimin

User experience is a team sport

The role; User Experience Designer is still kicking around but we’re reaching a point of maturity where we recognise that no one person is/should be responsible for owning and designing the experience that users have.

A users’ experience is determined by so many factors, that extend beyond the control of a designer. Every member of the team should: consider, work in favour of, and be responsible for that experience. From business analysts to developers, from security architects to product managers.

We support that mental model by not naming any individual team member with such a title.

Instead we move to a model of specialists: User researchers. Interaction designers. Content designers. Graphic designers. Service designers.

Everyone, shares common soft skills and motivations, as well as initiates and leads collaborative design thinking practices with the team.

But, each individual has their own specialist hard skills that are unique to their craft.

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