You’re so right! I’ve been writing all wrong.

Charles Reynolds-Talbot
1 min readJan 24, 2018

I’ve knocked out a “first draft” during a moment of inspiration and looking back, I wish I’d just hit Publish.

What I’d written was probably 90% right and was written with passion. But – instead of publishing, I hold off. I reread over and over again. I show it to peers for feedback. I agonise over every word and detail (especially posts I was I was planning to send to you about Design Sprints!).

After a while, I’ve rewritten and reread it so many times, I’m no longer sure what the point is I’m making.

I’m also editing outside of that initial inspired moment, so I’m out of the zone. I’m fed up and I just want to get the damn thing finished, so I can tick it off my list and get on with my life.

I too am going to start practising this and publishing faster, more often, starting with this response (may contain errors).