Trust a Scientist: Sex Addiction Is a Myth
Jim Pfaus

It’s a shame that you destroy any credibility by citing things that are factually inaccurate. As the editor of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (note the title includes a broad approach to this disorder… and we continue to publish articles based on differing models including hypersexuality, problematic sexual behaviors, etc…) I can safely say that #1) we use external reviewers all the time and 2) our low impact factor has largely been due to the fact that for years we received almost no submissions due to the dearth of research in the area leading us to a very low rejection and circulation rate. Impact factor is not just related to number of citations. Finally, David Delmonico who was instrumental in the journal previously, actually has stepped down from the associate editor position due to inactivity over several years. So your insinuations that he is self-promoting are not only incorrect but quite frankly unprofessional. Quite ironic that you as an author who bases his whole critique on following research/science (or lack thereof) did not do his due diligence in reaching out to me or others to check his facts first. Any one of us on the editorial board or in SASH are always willing to dialogue, share, and keep an open mind. Are you?

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