I know more than you think I do.

I remember, rather vividly, the days I spent in school, from elementary to high school. One thing that always comes to mind when I reminisce is how quick we were to make the other “lesser” kids feel unwanted, and like crap. I can remember joining in with the other mean students and teasing the victim, or telling them they sucked to bad to play on our kickball squad. I also remember how treating those people wrongly made me feel on the inside. I would literally feel like crap.

I also remember the I chose not to act against what I knew to be right, and act the way my mother taught to act. My mother told me to always look at the heart of people and situations. She led me far away from racism, and also taught me not to do something just because others were doing it, especially if the vibe of the matter wasn’t right. I remember being suspended in third grade because I got into a fight with a set of twins, why? because they talked real bad about my mom. When my mother found out about the suspension, and the reason behind the suspension, she looked at me and called me her little champion. She was honored that I would go out of my way to defend her honor, but she also said this, “thank you for standing up for me, but there is something you need to understand. Those boys did not and do not know who I am. They’ve never met me before, so how can they talk about me, and be justified, if they don’t eben know who I am?” This has stuck with me for my whole life. I always try to show mercy and compassion to the next person. Am I always successful in doing so? No, but I still feel wrong if I am merciless. It’s an easy thing to fall into self-righteousness, or to feel compelled into running with the masses. Remember this: After the Witch hunt the hunters eventually turned on themselves. And this: Do not look for mercy if you’ve never shown mercy, because you probably won’t get it.

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