What Everybody Ought To Know About Security Surveillance Trends

Security Surveillance Trends

The global security and surveillance (S&S) market is witnessing a steady increase at over 14.9% CAGR per year. With futuristic technologies in CCTV cameras, biometric access devices, RFID systems, retina and face recognition software, and more playing an important role in ensuring secured, connected systems across various industries, it is important to look into key driving trends which would accelerate the adoption of S&S products in the coming future. Apart from preventing loss and theft which is the primary.

The primary impulse behind security and surveillance is the design of software which enables target systems to behave in a faster, smarter and sleeker way. Some of the current design and form factor trends include miniaturization. If one does a routine check of the size of CCTV cameras, they have declined over the last one decade; remember the large, humongous and ugly 960H resolution cameras depicted in movies from the 90s which have thankfully given way to sleeker , professional cameras with resolutions as good as 4k technology. Apart from the video surveillance market, tactical shifts are being witnessed in other S&S field applications too.

  1. DIY is taking over, and soon: Building a smart, secured home automation system no longer requires the intervention of experts. Like in every other industry, do it yourself (DIY) kits are mushrooming in the S&S markets. Coming at a substantially lower costs, DIY camera surveillance systems can be created with your own set of 4 or 5 cameras which can be plugged with remote viewing software (downloadable online) to create your own fancy home security system which can watch every inch of space around you.
  2. HD and 4k technologies: The 4k technology is making massive waves in every aspect of visual entertainment — be it television sets, smartphones, cameras and camcorders etc. Commanding a resolution 4 times of its immediate predecessor, 4k technologies give spotless imagery and high zoom resolution which is unmatched for the most part. It would have been a matter of time before someone would consider applying 4k camera design technologies in the S&S market. The potential for use of 5k is immense — from retail site intelligence where you can use 4k to keep track of shoplifters (even up to very tiny objects) to counter-terrorism initiatives in stadiums and large concerts (something which has gained increasing attention post Paris terrorist attacks in 2015) to advanced military and space applications use.
  3. Embedded and wearable: bring it on: Embedded systems like Qualcomm’s Eragon line of products are indispensable to the functioning of state-of-the-art machine systems being used in defense and aviation industries. They also have a role to play in advanced S&S market where an Eragon 410 or Eragon 820 kit can help develop low power consumption, advanced processing capability S&S cameras with very small factor design. Wearable technologies are also seeing an increasing traction in the adoption of embedded systems. It is just a matter of time before your Apple watch becomes your own personal universal access touchpoint to help you breeze past airport security, gain entrance into building lobbies where you have preauthorized access and never be frisked by security guards at malls anywhere — in the past, you’d have manpower deployed to keep out the bad guys from security installations and buildings. Now, technology will do the same, or much better than that.

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