It’s the last refuge of the scoundrel methinks. The blue sky is eclipsed by white puffs of cotton candy, tears fall in an orderly fashion from the cotton to the ground closely seen by two eyes opening and closing in a dreary daze as they gaze out the window longingly.

H is for HAZY: The eyes belong to me or anyone, but it’s the specific haze that belongs to hope.

O is for Optimist: In order to fill the pupil to a sufficient amount of glaze eligible to be named hope, one must either be delusional or optimistic.

P is for Pleading: Let’s be honest, if hope is the last refuge, then you are most likely pleading for luck, money, love or change. As my Father always says, ‘the lottery is for people that hope and hope is a poor Man’s game; you make your own luck.’

E is for ecstasy: The dictionary fills this one for me; an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement. That’s what you’re hoping for isn't it, to rid your current feeling in exchange for ecstasy? Even if it is just for a moment. This comes in many forms.

So if like me, and sometimes you stare out of a coffee shop when you told yourself you would read or write and you’re just feeling a little hopeful about something or someone, then I have decided you are a hazy optimist pleading for ecstasy. Sorry.

It’s not that I think you shouldn't hope. Sometimes it’s helpful.

Hope however is a dusty grubby little creature that walks the tightrope over a few perilous holes in the ground.

The first small little crevice is delusion. The longer you hope to be better at something without astute dedication, it is easy to rapidly increase your brains ability to think the hard work has been done, dropping you head first into the swirling wind of delusion.

The second is Grievance. This is more like a canyon than a little gap in the earth, a never ending free-fall into the abyss of your own misery. A great agent I was with many moons ago told me to remind myself as often as possible that other people’s success has zero effect on your own career. The more you hope, the closer that dark eyed green goblin begins to nibble at your heels. Envy feeds the grievance monster, they are siblings.

The last but definitely not least, just the final one I care to mention is more of a bump than a hole, it’s hesitation. Stop hoping and start doing. Make your dream become a reality, only you can do that.

Write your goals down. Be proactive. Rip the word ‘Can’t’ out of your dictionary. Be the glass half full. Be better than you were yesterday, that’s really all you can do.

Just don’t be a Hazy Optimist Pleading for Ecstasy

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