[quote] Though they fell flat on their faces at the finish line in the Western Conference finals…

Calm down, TheRinger did a full week of articles on how great cleveland is, so one sentence shouldnt send you overboard and into such a diatribe.

Plus, OKC was one of the best teams in the playoffs, beating a historically great Spur team and then almost beating a historically great GSW team (if it wasnt for Klay Thompson going wild). The statement is also based off of Iggy comment.

As for the Cavs, they are definitely the best team, based on winning the championship, but dont act as if the eastern conference was such a difficult road. They played the raptors in the eastern conference finals, who are essentially the blazers of the east. No team in the east besides the Cavs are legit title contenders, while the west had 4 until the clippers were ravaged by injuries.

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