There’s a difference between being upset that a player left your team and judging them for it.
Sam Williams

Chris pratt and the entertainment industry isnt really the same. People for whatever reason have deep feelings/emotions and sense of loyalty to their sports franchises, much more than say a movie or an actor. So the analogy is a pretty poor one.

Further, my point is that people can boo durant, that happens all the time. We boo villains, we boo teams, players we dont like. So OKC can't boo and taunt Durant because of what happened with Seattle? Thats stupid. And this is coming from a person and a fan base in Boston that has mercilessly booed and taunted players in the past…often for non-basketball issues…which I think is even lower than most fan criticism/angst.

I do agree with you that acting like Durant is not a good human being because of changing teams is ridiculous. But stating that he is soft (which is the whole cupcake thing) is fair game, especially if it is something that the team used in the past. If taunts went beyond that then yeah people should say cut it out, but Bill didnt provide any real examples about what was soo bad. He just made a strawman argument about the Sonics.