What makes you say Harden is not good off the ball?
Han Gwak

First off harden is not necessarily bad off the ball, he just isnt at his best when is off the ball, the same is true with Cp3. Both need to have the ball in their hands to be elite.

Second, the reason harden was so effective last year and the rockets had one of the best offenses of the last 10 years was because of the spacing they had and that they gave harden the ball to create. Yes, it will allow harden to rest a little bit more, but come playoff time that isnt really going to matter. BTW Houston was great in the playoffs mainly due to their bench and depth…something they wont have come next season.

Third, I just dont understand the benefits of trading for a player that has the skillset as your best player, while also having to possibly pay the guy 200 million for five years when he is 33 years old. Cp3 will be 38 when that contract expires and that has the potential to be the worst contract in the league in 2–3 years. Scary thought.

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