We clearly differ in the ceilings of the players we are talking about.
William Cheon

first off, i never said that Dunn was actually good. I simply said he has put up better defensive statistics than Brown…a player people largely love for his defensive abilities and who has appeared very limited offensively.

Second, Lavine is a bad defender but he is a good offensive player by nearly every indicator and he has only improved as a shooter and penetrator as he has gotten older. And the fact remains he is only a year older than Brown.

Third, Brown is a decent prospect, but he isnt a sure thing. The fact that Boston made him untouchable or wasnt willing to part with him shows that Ainge is a little crazier and dumber than the media makes him out to be. Brown will likely be a fine player, but his ceiling is not Jimmy Butler.

Fourth, you made the argument that trading young talent for old talent/veterans isn't smart, you then listed a bunch of young talent on both Spurs and GSW, some of which were actually traded for veterans or were simply released for veterans or better players. I never said it was stupid to draft players. So listing players the team drafted is pointless. I said it is smart to trade young talent if you are capable of getting an all-star or all-nba level talent, especially if your best players are all in their primes, and your young talent hasnt shown that much promise. Again Boston is acting like they have Townes and DAvis on the team, they dont they have Smart, Brown, and Tatum, none of them have proven to be starter level talent, much less all-star or franchise altering talent. I also questioned whether or not the Spurs and GSW are really models the Celtics are copying. GSW is a nearly impossible team to copy as they were extremely fortunate. The spurs are a different institution on to itself, having veterans perform and last into their late 30’s while having arguably the best coach in NBA history. Boston has neither of those.

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