Harden should be MVP.

Harden averages more assists, yet has a worse assist rate% and has a worse assist to turnover rate. Harden is also a more efficient shooter, purely because the offense is created to be an efficient offense (shoot threes, layups or foul shots). He is less efficient in several other categories, the aforementioned assists, as well as rebounds. He also has a lower player efficiency rating (PER). Probably the largest argument against Harden is his on/off numbers. He is +3 in on/off. In 2014–2015 his on/off was over 8. For comparison Westbrook’s on/off is over 12, and Lebron’s is 16. Looking at value to one’s team, Harden doesnt even really compare to Westbrook or Lebron. Harden’s MVP case is completely dependent on a terrible showing last year, which drove down expectations, efficiency numbers (which actually rank behind lebrun) and traditional statistical numbers which actually rank behind Westbrook (especially when you look at per-36 numbers).

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