The fact that the Wolves got Jimmy Butler for 2 guys with worse value (LaVine & Dunn) than last…
Daniel Lee

I agree. Last year the bulls could have made this trade and Lavine was healthy and Dunn was be compared to Westbrook. Now they have an athletic wing who has a bad knee and people are questioning whether or not Dunn can even play in this league. That is absurd. Markennen on the otherhand is a great shooter, but there is no evidence that he will be able to defend. We just saw what that kid of player is (Kevin Love or Ryan Anderson), two players that there teams are trying to trade. To make it even worse the bulls threw in their 16th pick…who is actually a player with a lot of upside and then traded a very good pick with Jordan Bell at 38 for cash! The bulls have officially become the Kings.

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