You’re not silly, you’re just antagonizing me.
Diego Godinho Rocha

I am not antagonizing you, just throwing out the fact that shooting midrange at the end of games is equally as bad as shooting midrange during the rest of the game. If anything it makes less sense. And CP3 is a fine player, however his “clutch” game is way overrated. He ranks 65th in clutch time stats ( He is 53rd in points in the clutch, and is 156th in clutch scoring according to!?sort=GP&dir=-1 Though has been better in the past.

So yeah.

CP3 is an elite player though, the problem is he is 32 and setting himself up for a 200 million dollar payday…which would be absurdly stupid for the Rockets to sign him to….especially when you have a younger and better player in him in Harden, who needs the ball to be effective.

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