Barnes was only allowed to run a pick-and-roll every now and then, because the Warriors wanted to…
Diego Godinho Rocha

I dont think you are understanding my arguments. I never stated that Durant was equal to Barnes in talent, nor have i ever made the argument to state that Beverly is equal to cp3. Durant and CP3 are much better players. However, Durant fits the system and around the other best players on GSW. He is an elite spot of shooter, he can guard multiple positions, and then when Curry sits he can handle the ball. They are all complimentary. Compare that to Cp3 on the rockets. Cp3 doesnt usually play off the ball, has the same elite skill set as Harden (playmaking) and to make matters worse will be trying to sign a 200 million $ contract when he is 33. That is never smart, no matter who the player is (besides Lebron).

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