Im ignorant on this issue?
Brylar Foustark

I never stated there are only two methods, I simply talked about the two methods most people are talking about in the media. Sorry for not including every method. Goodness.

I said the crime appears to be the cover up (perjury) and that the collusion and whether or not Trump broke the federal campaign law is debatable…..meaning there are legal experts debating whether or not Trump broke the law. I honestly have no idea as the law can be interpretated in several ways. You appear as though you think it is an open and shut case. Thats your opinion.

The sentence you wrote doesnt make sense because the sentence simply doesnt make sense. It has nothing to do with me not reading a link but the writing/structure of the sentence. Maybe you made a mistake with what you were trying to say…there is nothing wrong with that.

And again I am simply stating that legal experts are debating whether or not Trump Jr. broke the law. There are opinions on BOTH sides. Sorry, I wish I could just claim that of course he broke the law, but that would be cherrypicking legal opinion on the matter.

And do you know that Trump is making decisions based on the desires of Putin? All we know is that Trump was willing to meet with Russian actors in hopes of undermining the Clinton candicacy. It is a stretch to then claim that this means Trump is a puppet of Putin/Russia and is basing his policy decisions to make Putin happy.

Overall, I think trump is an idiot, so defending his side is somewhat painful, but the hysteria by many within my own party I find a bit over the top and people are quick to jump to conclusions.

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