False. CP3 opted into past year of his $24.5m
karma kamasutra

I understand that. So you think Houston is trading for a one year rental? It really appears Cp3 is going there under the belief he will get the max…hence him opting in so they can trade for him.

So in all likelihood they are going to sign CP3 to a long term deal that will pay him 40 millon per year for 5 years. Honestly I think letting him wait a year could actually be even worse, as you are still going to have to offer the mega contract, just a year later…so it will be finishing when Cp3 is 38 years old. Awesome.

And honestly I dont know how much better this makes the Rockets. The rockets lost to a Kawhi-less Spurs. And this doesnt help their defense which was fairly atrocious last year.

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