Legally, if a foreign country helps out a campaign, it doesn’t matter if that country is friend or…
Timothy Gutwald

I understand that friend or foe, it doesnt matter under the law, but it does apparently matter to how it is perceived in the media. This story has become what it is because of America’s history of demonizing Russia. People are upset largely because Putin is a dictator, not because a law may or may not have been broken.

And your american exceptionalism is strong, there is nothing wrong with people and the world realizing that the US is not this perfect entity, this bastion of freedom and reason. In fact, most countries realize this already, its mainly americans who think the rest of the world sees us as this savior or light on a hill.

And knowing that presidents lie is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually forces us to think critically and not blindly follow a leader. Its not as if Obama and Trump were the ones that started lying to the american people. Every president lied, we just have a wider media presence and venue (internet) to research and hold presidents accountable. Being critical of power is never a bad thing.

And yeah, the republicans did the same thing…and much worse (birther movement, death panels, etc.), but I hold the party I vote for in higher regard than the other party. I dont want the people that I want to represent me to engage in such hypocritical, unethical, and partisan behavior. I want something better from my party, not to go to the lowest common denominator.

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