Lets wait and see.
David Drwencke

I was all for trading Butler, but this trade, along with the other moves last night was an extremely poor way of rebuilding. Yes, Butler needed to be traded sometime over the next year, mainly to get good value. The problem is they didnt get good value, instead they got a player in Lavine (who i loved last year) who is a bad defender and is coming off of an ACL injury which many players dont fully recover from. To make matters worse Lavine is a restricted free agent after next season so the bulls are likely going to have to offer him something close to 15–20 million next offseason after lavine only plays a couple of months. Further, Dunn has potential, but he was abysmal on offense last year. The fact that he has the physical tools to be a great player and contribute immediately and he still put up those horrible numbers is worrisome. As for markennen, he is a fine player and a great shooter, but looking at his numbers he was much worse as the year went on and competition got better. he was dominated by Bell (oregon) in their meetings. All this is really worrisome, if he is the cornerstone of the trade. Finally, the reason why this trade and the bulls moves last night were so bad is that if you are rebuilding you need to get young talent, and the bulls sent out their 16th pick (which could be a very good player…mind you lavine was picked at 13), and they traded Bell, the 38th pick. Bell was actually a great pick, especially if you put him next to Markennen. Add up all those things together and the bulls look completely incompetent.

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