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If the justification for this trade is that they can stagger minutes and not have to play at the same time to utilize their full skill set than this is obviously a bad trade. That same rationale was used when they added Lawson two years ago, and while Lawson is no CP3, having either Harden or CP3 play off the ball when the other player is in control doesnt allow that player to utilize their full talents. Beverly was honestly a perfect player next to Harden. And lets not act as if CP3 is anywhere close to Beverly at this point in his career as a defender. Cp3 gets the votes mainly based on his history, just like Kobe continued to get first place votes when he was no longer an elite or even very good defender.

All this really makes no sense. It looks and sounds great on paper, but that is going to look far worse once you are paying a 33 year old Paul 40 million a year…yikes.

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