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In 2014–2015 the Houston Rockets won 56 games and went to the western conference finals. In 2015–2016 Vegas put the line for Houston wins at 54.5. they instead finished 41–41 and were the biggest disappointment in the league. One of the big reasons for the decrease in wins was Harden, another reason was team cancer Dwight Howard….who is now gone. The Rockets essentially replaced Howard with an adequate center, while upgrading their bench and role players. 41 wins expected by Vegas was a poor line, and was so low due to the inconsistency of Harden in 2015–2016 and team chemistry issues. If Harden and Houston played how they did the season before and actually played up to expectation no one would be talking about this years improvement. So essentially the talk and support for Harden and Houston is because they were so dysfunctional last year that it lowered our expectations and now because they are playing as they should we should be shocked and heap praise on them (and him). This is completely ridiculous.

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