Accepting hacked intelligence on your opponent from agents of a hostile foreign government is…
Eric Manley

It may be collusion and really stupid and wrong, but it isnt necessarily a criminal offense.

And honestly, I am all for thinking Trump is an idiot and harmful to the US, but I also think the sheer amount of time and interest into the possible connection between Russia and Trump campaign is a bit ridiculous. The relationship (if you can call it that) looks more like one based on stupidity, ignorance, and an attempt to get a competitive edge than this grand machination. Democrats are making it look like Russia is the most powerful country in the world with their continued claims that they were so easily able to manipulate the american people and the election.

And is it actually a big deal in terms of how it impacts the everyday lives of the american people (like going to war and certain policies…say the passing of NAFTA) or a media made big deal, which becomes popular and influential simply because of political fall back? I believe it is for the most part the latter.

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