That’s the whole point. Thats the entire problem.
A dumb man

Okay, so your argument is that since democrats are claiming foul play by Trump, that democrats dont know that this means war and as such shouldnt be looking into such foul play? That is some strange logic you are promoting there.

I agree democrats are trying to find scapegoats, and that is highly disappointing and infuriating, but looking into Trump’s relationship with Russia, is not a bad thing, and it should definitely be done. And it doesnt and shouldnt have to lead to war. You have options with any finding, it could mean criminal charges, it could mean stronger regulations, it could include some sort of punishment, war is and should be the last option (and honestly shouldnt even be an option). Claiming that it is the only and even logical option is a bit far-fetched/ridiculous.

However, I do agree that democrats are trying to make this a bigger deal than it likely is. It is a political maneuver to delegitimize the Trump, just as republicans used clinton’s emails and Benghazi as an attempt to delegitimize her candidacy.

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