“Just two months ago boston fans were talking about how such players were almost untouchable and…

  1. On Smart and Rozier, look at celticsblog.com. The belief that several players were better than Butler or untouchable (players like Brown) was pretty remarkable.
  2. All we know is what was leaked by executives to somewhat save face. The leak regarding Butler was pretty remarkable (denying Butler for no.3 straight up). Butler + George+Bradley+Horford+Thomas is a pretty great lineup that is arguably better than the Cavs, while being younger (Butler and George are in their primes). They also match up pretty well against the Warriors, having multiple all-nba level defenders on that roster. I dont like the idea that you arent going to beat the warriors so why even try. I also think that simply waiting and hoping that these young players turn into all-nba players is really just wishful thinking. Brown has shown little to think that he will one day be an all-nba player, while Smart is likely gone, and Boston has no idea where those picks will be next year.
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