They did. Hilary actively tried not to stoop to Trump’s level and look where that got her.

Really? Hillary ran on an anti-trump message, while essentially calling anyone who supported Bernie Sanders a racist or misogynist. Now they are searching for a reason…any reason for why she lost, from again calling people racist and sexist (yes there was some of that), to stating people are just too stupid, to stating it was the russians fault. This witch hunt, which honestly Trump is fairly accurate in calling it that, continues to be promoted by political partisanship than actual care for the democratic practices of the US. If it was anything else, people and dems. would simply wait and see what the special counsel says.

And calling people dumb and uneducated, is exactly why certain demographics are turning out in support of Trump. Its this elitist mindset promoted by democrats and certain republicans, that the opposing view is obviously stupid/uneducated, while claiming everything is all right economically that is allowing for Trump to garner such support. We as democrats need to move past this label and start educating through respect, not through beliefs in america’s ignorance.

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