He clearly made a mention that Westbrook’s on/off has something to do with the fact that the role…
Prosun Mondol

That analysis of on/off relating to the fact role players have been “completely disregarded” makes absolutely no sense. It is not an argument based on any actual anaylsis or objectivity.

Also this team is completely different from the team that made the western conference finals last year. They lost arguably their best player and a top 5 player in the league in Durant for nothing. They then traded their best big man in Ibaka for an underperforming shooting guard in Oladipo and an unproven rookie in Sabonis. Both have been fine but neither are above replacement level players at this point in their careers.

The fact of the matter is people are looking for reasons to not like nor vote for WEstbrook for MVP. He is putting up insane numbers both in terms of box score stats and advanced stats. He is having a historic season, yet people want to act as if it is his fault his team isn't on par with teams like GSW, Spurs, or even Houston, who all simply have better teams and systems.

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