Trump Jr does not have to be guilty of Treason because the meeting itself was completely illegal.
Brylar Foustark

There are many debates and interpretations as to whether or not it was criminal. So simply listing a few articles that promote one way over the other I find somewhat pointless. If Trump broke the law, than of course he should be prosecuted. I dont think the law he broke is such a gross violation that it deserves comparisons to watergate but thats the sort of news cycle I guess we are in now….which everything is the end of the world. Even if it is not criminal I think everyone agrees that it is unethical.

And while Russia meddled in several different ways, the paranoia it helped create is largely based on America’s over-reaction and hyper partisan views that resulted. Democrats are acting as if Hillary lost the election bc of this, which HIllary is now supporting such a view. Russia can set up an environment for paranoia and chaos, but we americans dont have buy into that. What has really hurt american democracy is not Russian intervention, but our reaction to it. I dont think russia could have played it any better and we as Americans any worse….which I find sad.

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