This is a big deal for a few reasons:
Eric Manley

  1. There is no evidence that the Trump campaign was open to working directly with the Russian government as if they were a PAC in support of the Trump campaign. What we do know is that Trump campaign was willing to hear any dirt on Clinton regardless of where it came from. I guess that is problematic and disgusting behavior, though I dont necessarily know nor likely do you, whether or not that is actually a criminal defense.
  2. The crime here doesnt appear to be the actual actions but potentially the cover up. Okay, i guess that is a big deal, but what president has not tried to cover up shady business? While all this is indefensible, my main argument has always been that I think this issue is a little blown up and is more of a witch hunt than an attempt to actually fix a system or get some sort of justice (whatever that may be in this case). The obsession by the media and some democrats I find a little oft-putting, they are copying the playbook for Republicans, who fearmonger their base, blame the other, and make half-truths and deception into the issue of the day. The Republicans did the exact same with Benghazi.
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