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Wait so the speech was great because it was short, had no policy, and told a story? wow. very insightful.

The speech was well-done and both Obama’s are really great orators, but the speech essentially was one repeated by republicans for the last 30yrs (that we live in the best country in the world). There was definitely nothing remarkable about it, though it was much more vividly presented and emotional presented by Michelle. I find it strange that the party that moved into power based on “hope and change” and on the idea that our country needs to be and do better, has suddenly moved to the opposite of the spectrum, acting as if that change and hope actually did happen and we are far better. I understand that the republican party has moved so crazily in the opposite direction that Michelle and dems had to differentiate themselves, but its such a ridiculously trite and honestly wrong narrative presented by Michelle and a lot of dems. I am really shocked that dems/libs are buying into this crap and it really just shows that we believe and admire anything our party says.

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