Not sure how to say this without looking like a jackass, but Im confused about your position.
Brylar Foustark


I think the media is overblowing this issue. Just like I thought the media talked way too much about Benghazi, emails, etc. And this is an issue where they are turning politics into entertainment, media outlets have admitted as much.

Any why exactly is it far more serious? I think it can have serious consequences, like impeachment, but the act in itself I see as far less serious than current budget debates, the healthcare law, climate change, and basic other foreign policy issues. I find the actions of Trump Jr. more opportunistic and unethical than dangerous to our democracy.

You state: “The Russian interference was not simply about disrupting our system, but more about taking advantage of the fallout of a successful operation.” What are you talking about? I understand Russia is trying to undermine the standing of the US, but do you know what is doing that more than a few fake news articles and the releasing of Clintons emails? America’s obsession and belief that their democracy can be so easily hacked by a fairly weak (globally) state! Russia’s plan is apparently working because they realize how partisan and crazy american political parties actually are.

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