What does “it didn’t come together organically” even mean in the context of the NBA?
Andropov Fourthly

What I mean “come together organically” is that the NBA salary cap jumped at a historic number at the exact time that allowed GSW to sign durant. It was an aberration. Not to mention most teams in the 1990’s and before then developed talent and they grew into title contenders. The 2000’s have been different, teams/players creating super teams through free agency (something that will be stopped due to the new CBA).

And the lack of surprise is not a hollow complaint. GSW stacked the deck like never seen before. They arguably have 4 all-nba players on the team at once and all are in their primes. Further, the Jordan bulls were surprising. They struggled to overcome the Pistons, then had great series in the eastern conference against he Knicks (in the first three peat) and the Pacers and Magic (with Shaq and Penny) in the second three peat. There was always a chance for them to lose before they even made the finals. I don't think anyone ever thought GSW would not make the finals, barring catastrophic injuries to multiple players. Further GSW hurt their best competition by grabbing Durant from OKC. It would be like the Bulls grabbing Ewing in 1992 or Shaq in 1996. That would have sucked for the league and its sucks now.

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